Be A Superhero, Register As A Donor

The reason to donate is simple.. blood cannot be manufactured and has a limited shelf life, the supply must constantly be replenished by generous blood donors because till now till we do not have any alternative of it.
  • Overall health- The donor must be fit and healthy, and should not be suffering from transmittable diseases.
  • Age and weight- The donor must be 18–65 years old and should weigh a minimum of 50 kg.
  • Pulse rate- Between 50 and 100 without irregularities.
  • Hemoglobin level- A minimum of 12.5 g/dL.
The criteria differ from study to study. They may include age, gender, medical history, and current health status.
Myth: Health deteriorates after donating blood.
If you are healthy prior to donation, your recovery is complete in a day or two. It is advised to rest a while after donating. … The body produces new cells faster after a donation.
Blood Donation refers to the process of collecting, testing, preparing, and storing blood and blood components…Register as a Donor’ refers to the collection and sharing of data about donated blood and ineligible donors which as also consider as a legal approval of a donor before he/she donates the blood.
That’s not true! Your Consent or approval is taken at the time of registration for any call and reminder from blood donation.
Every donor contact detail and other information are kept secretive.