Donate blood- the greatest act of humanity

Bhagwan Buddha Charitable Blood Bank is a pioneer in blood donation with a commitment to bridge the vast gap in demand and availability of blood.

Celebrate a noble birthday

Blood donation is a magnanimous way to celebrate your birthday. Save someone’s life as you celebrate your own. Make a resolution to donate blood on every birthday!

India has the unique distinction of having the largest shortest of blood globally as per a Lancet report. Our demand for blood outstrips the supply by a whopping 400 percent and the gap is rising consistently with the growing demand.REFRAME Voluntary Blood Donation is the only remedy to address this mammoth problem.

Let us make a difference by donating blood

Bhagwan Buddha Charitable Blood Bank is run by one of India’s topmost charitable organizations ‘Bhagwan Buddha Shiksha Sanstha (Regd.)’. We are engaged in promoting and organizing voluntary blood donations to help our nation become self-reliant in blood and ITS COMPONENTS.

Organize Blood Donation Camps

We seek valuable support from educational institutions, social organizations, corporates, and individuals to organize Blood Donation Camps. We have developed an end-to-end resource to arrange and conduct Blood Donation Camps.

Promoting Awareness

We not only organize frequent Blood Donation Camps but also make all-out efforts to enhance the awareness for blood donation and its significance to save lives.

What people say

Measurable Impact

34,700 +

Blood units collected

42,100 +
Lives saved
700 +
Organized Blood Donation AWARNESS DRIVES
6,857 +

Help us End the Peril of Blood Shortage

Our passion and commitment to help needy patients through the implementation of blood donation camps and other supportive activities are finally paying off. Bhagwan Buddha Charitable Blood Bank has been recently judged as one of the top three blood banks in UTTAR PRADESH. You can help us bridge the gap between demand and supply of blood by contributing to the following activities:
    • Help arrange a blood donor for a patient

    • Facilitate a seamless supply of blood for thalassemia patients


    • Ensure sufficient inventory of blood to cater to emergencies due to significant blood loss

    • Inspire the youth to participate in the gallant activity of blood donation
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